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1, Guangyi electronics has been awarded the title of "special / fine / special / new" enterprise in Shanghai. 

 2, Guangyi electronic contract has exceeded 150 million yuan, achieving net profit of 13 million yuan.

 3, the general microelectronic 6 inch line of production line in Sichuan.                        


It is listed in the Beijing Stock Exchange Center of small and medium-sized enterprises and become the new third board business in China.


Invest in Sichuan Suining National Development Zone to create "Sichuan Guang Rui Semiconductor Co., Ltd." to fill the gap of China's 8 inch silicon epitaxy production.


1, invest in Sichuan Suining National Development Zone to create "Sichuan generalized microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd" to fill the gap of 6 inch integrated circuit production in Sichuan province. 

2, in Sendai, Japan, we established the "Guangyi Electronic Corporation".   

3, set up "Shanghai Guang duo International Trade Co., Ltd." in Shanghai free trade area.                 


To create "Shanghai Xie Heng Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.". We are committed to the research and manufacture of new equipment, washing and drying in 6 inches, and washing and drying in 8/12 inches as a breakthrough.


Guangyi electronics has been identified as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.


The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and /ISO14001 environmental system certification.


Registered as "Guangyi (Hongkong) International Trade Co., Ltd.".


Become a member of Semi (international semiconductor equipment and Materials Industry Association).


The "Shanghai Guang Han Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd." is set up to solve the vacuum solution for the key parts of the equipment.


Founded in April, 2007