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2014 Vastity’s Annual Celebration Held Ceremonious

Release Time: 2015-01-26

New Year Coming! Bid farewell to 2014, 2015 coming to us with full of great expectations.

The New Year, with the birth of new goals and hope, Shanghai Vastity Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai GuangHan Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Smetech Microelectronics Equipment Technology Co., Ltd held 2014 Annual Celebration in Shanghai HuHua Grand Hotel on Jan 24th 2015 6PM. Industry leaders, guests and all staffs had a joyous gathering, Smetech GM Shao YuCheng as the emcee.

Celebration scene full of passion, warm, lively atmosphere. Firstly, company chairman Mr. Wang ZuoYi gave a speech. Mr. Wang reviewed the course of Vastity in 2014 and the brilliant achievements made in that year. Vastity worked steadily, got new height once a year. The development of Vastity, cannot do without the industrious work of staffs; Vastity’s today, cannot do without the joint efforts of staffs. A pay, there must be a return! After that, guests on behalf of President Cao ZiQiang, President Ohmura and Mr. Lu BaoGang also published ebullience speech one by one. GM Mr. Cui YongMing, Mr. Zhang HaiFeng commended and awarded advanced individual and outstanding cadres in the end.

This annual celebration unusually brilliant, the ornate and ebullient and passionate performance from Vastity, GuangHan, Smetech’s Elites brought all the leaders, guests, staffs a stunning visual feast. This made our annual celebration climax, the guests applause constantly.

  Reviewed the history of Vastity, always had many people let us emotional. They stood together through storm and stress with Vastity and also as their home, transferred the love of company into hard working, efforts and actions. All of this, staffs look into eyes and remember in their minds, our company do the same. The development of Vastity cannot do without industry leaders support; The expand of Vastity cannot do without supplier friends’ efforts! Goes together and sharing the joy of success makes Vastity’s today looks so pretty! Face to 2015, we all full of dreams, let’s create and protect Vastity this ship diligently and make it goes more quick more far, also wish Vastity’s tomorrow more and more brilliant!