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Vastity: Make breakthrough in the transformation o

Release Time: 2016-10-11

Digest: Semiconductor Manufacturing   Date: 2014/9

Vastity: Make breakthrough in the transformation of advanced chip manufacturing crafts

As we all know, chip is mainly divided into three parts, design, manufacturing and encapsulation. In 21st century, both present chip design and encapsulation of our country has come up to advanced international level, but is far behind international level in the technology field of chip manufacturing. To shorten the process in chip manufacturing craft of China, Shanghai Vastity explored to directly transfer advanced chip manufacturing technology abroad to China.

  Under strong support of nation for semiconductor, as delegate of semiconductor, Chinese microelectronics industry has gained great development, but the main craft of front manufacturing period is still focus on 8inch and below. Although 12inch product line has been put into operation, it still has distinct disparity compared with international main flow craft. Director of Shanghai Vastity, Mr. Wang Zuoyi described the features of civil semiconductor manufacturing as two points,one is that developed countries predominate the advanced chip manufacturing craft, and the other is that chip manufacturing is the weakest segment of Chinese chip industry. The main cause is that we still haven’t master middle and high chip manufacturing craft.

  To change the current situation, Shanghai Vastity thinks the simplest and fastest way is to get help from advanced chip manufacturing craft abroad (that is transfer advanced craft into China). There are two advantages of ‘plagiarism’. The present civil chip manufacturing is far behind the abroad, it not only takes long time to search by ourselves, but no one knows whether we can get final success. If we adopt the mode of advanced manufacturing craft transformation, we can not only shorten the time to get advanced craft, but also save the research and development funds. So if China wants to win a place in the middle and high chip manufacturing industry, it needs to give a big push to the chip manufacturing transformation.

  In the core team of Shanghai Vastity, which has run successfully for seven years, there is first generation of semiconductors from China. They all have experience in the field for several decades. They know clearly about the research, manufacturing development of civil semiconductor technology. Meanwhile, they never stop concerning the development of semiconductor abroad. Shanghai Vastity manages to provide customers the whole set of solution from equipment to products that based on ‘providing total solution for semiconductor’, supported by ‘total solution for advanced chip craft and site management’.

  To verify the practicability of ‘craft transformation’, Shanghai Vastity has invested and set up ‘Sichuan Vast Microelectronics Co., Ltd.’ in 2014. It’s defined as pioneer and test field of advanced technology and management. We need to master advanced chip manufacturing craft and product within short time trough this typical project, which lays the foundation for the crafts popularization and redevelopment for the late stage.

  Shanghai Vastity considered that previous condition is not mature enough to do the craft transformation, but with the shrink of economy abroad and the rapid growth of civil economy, this kind of craft transformation can be afford. Moreover, the charge of craft transformation decreased obviously compared with before. Meanwhile, making out our own high performance chip through introducing, digesting and absorbing the advanced international semiconductor technology will be more conform to our country’s development strategy.